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Worthing is Rocking The Blocks!


Stonehenge, beautifully recreated at Lego Club.

It seems to me that Worthing is a town of creators and builders, akin to renaissance Florence or the innovators of the Industrial Revolution. Everywhere I turn I see buildings going up, space ships constructed, racing cars tweaked and tuned, national landmarks imitated, famous warships launching. I am talking about LEGO. The ubiquitous, multi-coloured toy that we never quite grow out of! If you will stay with me, I’m going to highlight some amazing Lego-based groups and naturally showcase my own unique take on an idea that is deployed in primary schools and clubs up and down the country and worldwide.

How to make a difference through Lego

Slay the dragons of austerity, support these groups.

In keeping with the buzz and click around the brick is the growth of Lego Clubs. I want to try and clear up confusion that may arise on the eve of another Lego Club joining the fray.
When I first started Worthing Lego Club at St Paul’s (as my club was named then) I was only aware of one other Lego club in Worthing. This other club is the one on Ripley Road which is called Worthing Lego Club which has been running for approximately five years. This club supports children with Autistic Spectrum Conditions and raises money for the National Autistic Society. I have huge respect for the work of this club and have directed parents to this club when they have raised concerns that my club may not meet the requirements of their ASC children. My club is totally inclusive of all children and I work hard to meet every child’s needs at my sessions. However, if a parent raises a concern I am very happy to recommend this excellent group.
I have also been in contact with The Empty Plate Café which is a social enterprise that offers tasty nutritious meals on a “pay as you like” basis. This means that those in need can enjoy great food at a price they can afford. They also offer a Lego session as part of the deal. This proposition is unique and I urge you all to support this inspired enterprise either by going there or just spreading the word.

Let Me Clear Up Any Confusion


Loyalty CardThis brings me to the latest entrant into the Worthing Lego Club arena. Worthing Friends Lego Club, previously Angmering Friends Lego Club. Unlike the two groups above this is not a philanthropic venture, but a local business, just like my club. Sadly, we can’t all change the world through Lego!
To clear up any confusion, I want to make it clear that this club is NOTHING to do with Worthing and Portslade Lego Club (as I’m currently known).
I also want to let you all know some of the standard features of Worthing and Portslade Lego Club.
1. I reward loyalty by offering all guests a Lego Club loyalty card which gives them FREE admission once they have been to five sessions.
2. I always choose venues where it is possible to leave the kids whilst remaining in the same building so that parents can enjoy a bit of downtime in the café while the kids build. I register all guests and take mobile numbers in case of any issues. Additionally, I am DBS cleared and have public liability insurance.
3. I offer Mega-Blocks for younger visitors to enjoy and show and tell (if they want to).
4. Both of my venues offer excellent food and drink.
Heene Community Centre provide fresh home cooked lunches, homemade cakes and bacon rolls of the highest quality. I also offer FREE tea, coffee, squash and biscuits at Heene sessions.
The Railway Inn provides a top quality selection of food, wines, beers and spirits, as you would expect from a forward-thinking pub. Additionally they have a tuck-shop, vast selection of teas and high-end coffees.
5. You can stay at my Saturday morning sessions for up to two hours at nominal price increase, sometimes FREE.
6. I offer the unique Lego Picture Frame Portrait as a FREE souvenir to all guests, plus browsing in the library of Lego ideas books is positively encouraged.

Confused? Here’s where your kids may have built with Worthing and Portslade Lego Club:

Save Our Schools

– Save Our Schools Campaign – I have provided Lego sessions at the recent meeting and hustings at Worthing Assembly Hall and am an ardent supporter.
– Durrington Primary School – I delivered two Lego Workshops for Year 6 as a post-SAT’s treat
– Thomas A Becket Junior School – FREE lunchtime Lego Club
– Tot Rockin’ Beats at St Paul’s Café, Worthing
– You may have read about my club in The Worthing Herald, Primary Times, Raring2Go or West Hove Directory and I’m all over Facebook!

Here’s what people say about Worthing and Portslade Lego Club on TripAdvisor:


“We’ve been to Lego Club several times now (we haven’t for a few weeks but we’re hoping to go back soon!). Our daughter isn’t quite 4 yet but she enjoys searching through all the Lego for her favourite pieces to use. The adults enjoy the Lego too and the tea and biccies are an added bonus! Would definitely recommend :-)”
“Great idea, we travel from out of town almost every week. We rarely miss and will have our loyalty card free week soon. Excellent for getting the kids out (12 and 8) using their imagination. Our kids are champing at the bit for show and tell (it is optional) at the end every week it’s great to see the kids enthusiastic about what what they have made. Add the free coffee, tea, juice and biscuits what could be better. Alan is great and I have never seen as much Lego.”
“Based in a well-run community centre with good parking & a nice cafe. Lego club is very welcoming & relaxed. Despite owning their own body weight in Lego at home, my boys (9yrs&10yrs) loved the opportunity to play with lots of different bits! It was lovely to be offered a sibling discount & have access to free tea, coffee, juice & biscuits. Good to see a fairly wide age range of club members,some with just mum,some with just dad & some came with all the family. Loved the show & tell at the end, and the loyalty card now has pride of place in my purse. Finally,with such a great location we finished our morning with a stroll along the beach. Highly recommend giving it a go!”
“My son absolutely adores Lego Club. Alan is amazing with the kids and it’s great value for money. Free snacks too which is a great bonus! It really inspires my son to get creative at home and he likes to build and play a lot more at home now. Can’t recommend Alan and Lego Club highly enough!”
These are just some of my reviews from TripAdvisor, check out the Worthing and Portslade Lego Club Facebook page too for customer reviews, dates, details and Lego based info from t’internet.
I hope that you can join me one Saturday morning at Heene Community Centre or maybe after school at The Railway Inn (Portslade). There will be some changes in September and they will ramp up the fun at Worthing and Portslade Lego Club, of that, I am certain!

Keep creating and have a brilliant summer.
Al (Owner: Worthing and Portslade Lego Club) . x



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