A unique and stylish Mother’s Day win for £12.49!

Create an ornament they’ll never forget from the world’s favourite toy.

The annual celebration of mum is looming into view. We all want celebrate these champions, and appreciate the ones who are still slogging away at this parenting game as best we can. If your budget is more small tinkle than big bang, and time is not on your side, this is the page for you.
Luckily there is still time to act like the thoughtful son/daughter/father your mother believes that you are without breaking the bank, or too much of a sweat. You can even include your own children in the production of this unique and thoughtful Mother’s Day gift. The block rockin’ portrait frame™ is here!
As with many things, simple can mean beautiful and this Mother’s Day hack is certainly simple. No need for the apologetic presentation of an “Esso bouquet”, Billy Joel CD or special edition copy of Dirty Dancing. Together we’ll beat it!

You Will Need:

DSCN1659 DSCN1662 DSCN1665



A suitably flattering photo (6″x4″, 7″x5″) of the mum in question – £00.00
A picture frame for said photo – The Range*, East Worthing – £1.99
A hot glue gun* (includes glue sticks) – Dunelm Mill, Shoreham by Sea, £10.50
A bundle of Lego bricks (approximately 100) – beg, steal or “borrow”, this stuff is everywhere. If you’re really stuck come to Lego Club for some bricks! £00.00


*Once you own a hot glue gun you can claim to be “crafty” (as in making stuff), or become  a primary school teacher!
*The Range is an Aladdin’s Cave of materials for making stuff, a magnet for “crafty” types, parents of young children and my colleagues at school.


  1. Cover your work surface with newspaper, you really don’t want hot glue on your furniture.
  2. Plug in your hot glue gun ensuring that the metal stand is down
  3. Allow about 10 minutes for the gun to heat up
  4. Meanwhile lay the picture frame down flat and arrange the Lego bricks on your picture frame, your children can help with this operation.
  5. Tweak the colour scheme to make sure that you are happy with the order of colours and watch how the bricks meet up at corners because you may need to use smaller pieces to keep the corners looking neat. Again, a job that can include your little “helpers”.
  6. Lay the bricks on the table (still in sequence) and squirt hot glue on to the picture frame in approximately 4cm strips.
  7. Carefully attach your Lego bricks to the frame in your chosen sequence
  8. Allow to dry for 30 minutes – you’re done, Happy Mother’s Day!



I hope that this has helped you to win at Mother’s Day.  If this made your Mother’s Day a bit more special do let me know and feel free to post a pic of your creation here. So please like and share, like and share!

The Lego Club Pitch:

For real low cost high value fun, come down to Lego Club at St Paul’s (Thursdays 4-5pm) or Heene Community Centre (Saturdays 10am-11am and 11.30am-12.30pm). Details are available on my Lego Club Facebook page.




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