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The Great Half Term Dalek Hunt

A school holiday challenge for those days when you’re not living the life of an Observer on Sunday supplement family.

I hope that you are all enjoying your half term without too much recourse to gin, ear defenders or Facebook!

Today was my first solo day of half term parenting with my brilliant five year old son. I would love to share a John Lewis-esque tale of baby-cino’s, an animated and edifying visit to a museum and possibly a day rounded off by cooking marshmallows on a stick. Sadly real life got in the way and we ended up picnicking in the park and hunting down pre-loved Dalek toys in charity shops. A dozen charity shops later, our mission to capture ourselves a Dalek toy seemed futile. I knew that failure was not an option!

(Below: Davros, nobody’s favourite uncle)

davros-daleks-doctor-who-h2Until… We stumbled upon the wonderful Type 40 science fiction memorabilia shop on Rowlands Road, Worthing. What a fantastic array of nostalgic science fiction lay before us. Daleks you say? They had several generations in stock, Davros would have been proud. There were DVD’s, comics, video cassettes and every conceivable science fiction/superhero piece of merchandise piled from floor to ceiling. It is all reasonably priced too.

My son was ecstatic, being an avid Dr Who fan and Dalek aficionado. We left the shop with a trophy Dalek and plans for Dougal’s pocket money for the next decade. Dougal dubbed Type 40 “the Dalek Shop”, and that is how it shall be known from now on.
That is one of many low cost ways of getting through the school holidays without hitting the iPad too soon in the day. If we remain screen-free until 3pm, I’m winning! Please don’t judge…

For real low cost high value fun, come down to Lego Club at St Paul’s (Thursdays 4-5pm) or Heene Community Centre (Saturdays 10am-11am and 11.30am-12.30pm). Details are available on my Lego Club Facebook page.


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